Full Mutual Fund and Hedge Fund Accounting Software

  • Mutual Fund Accounting: IMS accounts for mutual funds (including fund classes) and their participants in real time. As valuations in a mutual fund’s underlying positions change, the fund’s NAV immediately reflects the new valuation. Portfolio assets can be reported as either units or the underlying assets at market value. Typical fund types include dollar-per-share and non-dollar per share funds.
  • Manage your mutual fund’s underlying assets on IMS using integrated features such as modeling/compliance, performance measurement and strong reporting tools.
  • Hedge Fund Accounting: IMS supports full investment and participant accounting for hedge funds and funds of funds.
  • Health Care Savings Accounts: IMS supports the complete accounting for Health Care Savings Accounts and their associated Health Care Savings Units.
  • Money Market Accounting: Integrated SEC Rule 2a-7 and UCITS compliance saves time and improves the accuracy of your trading decisions for money markets.